Introducing Pay What You Want

Your work is great, obviously. That’s why people want to buy it. But did you know that your content might be so unbelievably fantastic that people actually want to pay more than what you charge? Turns out, they do! 

Now VHX audiences have the ability to show their love with our new feature: Pay What You Want.

We’ve found that a third of customers choose to pay more than the purchase price when given the option, so give them that option! Sites typically see an increase of 18% in overall revenue, all because their audience wants to support their work. And if your content is connected to a social issue or charity, customers are likely to give even more.

It’s as easy as setting a base price for your packages and clicking a button. Price your content the right way, then let your audience’s generosity take over!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Trailer

Surprisingly, this looks… not bad. The chances of me seeing this in theaters are greater than me seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I’m disappointed by the lack of pizza.

After two years we were finally able to capture the team in a photo.

Left to right:
Steve, Kathleen, Jamie, Casey, Chad, Michael, Kevin, Chris, Gina, Sagar, Charlie, Scott, Adam, Steven.

VHX is now open to the public

When we launched VHX, we never imagined we’d get to work with creators like Kevin Spacey, Dave Grohl, Ira Glass, and Aziz Ansari.

We’ve been in private beta the last two years, helping distribute feature films, documentaries, TV shows, comedy specials, concerts, lectures and more. We’ve helped launch Camp Takota, Upstream Color, Mistaken for Strangers, the Oscar-nominated The Act of Killing, and many more. VHX now has over 300 titles available for sale, over $3M in gross transactions, and almost 500,000 customers worldwide.

And we are so excited for our next moves. 

VHX is now open to the public. Anyone can sign up and start selling immediately. Our internet-video-shaped doors are wide open: https://vhx.tv

We are lowering our pricing. VHX is free to sign up and use, and we charge just 10% + $0.50 per transaction (down from 15-20%). No extra charges for credit card processing or anything – that’s everything. Transparency? Transparency. If you’re an existing publisher this pricing will be effective as of March 1st. 

Anything that used to be sold on DVD can be sold on VHX. Our platform works for a lot more than just film and TV. Faith, fitness, lifestyle, education…the list goes on. VHX also works for organizations both big and small: individuals, distributors, studios, networks, and more. Make a site to sell your work, distribute your project, and own the relationship with your audience. VHX is the technology platform that lets you run your own iTunes or Netflix. Your digital copies replace the old physical, anywhere in the world.

Check out our fancy new homepage to learn more and start building your site. Contact us with any questions or feedback. We can’t wait to work with you!


New VHX schwag just came in! Find us at SXSW and we’ll give you a free shirt to put on your torso area.

We’re also giving out hugs. Those are not free, though.

So part of this to me is an experiment, the idea of having a direct relationship with an audience, with my fans, and with the consumer. I’ll say, I did this, I’m proud of it. If you like my work in House Of Cards, this is where it started.

-Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is using VHX to power his latest project. Yes. We couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with someone who also knows the power of direct distribution. 

NOW captures the incredible creative process of Kevin Spacey, Sam Mendes, the Bridge Project Company as they stage Richard III around the world. Watch the trailer and then pre-order NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage

(Source: vhxtv)


Sneak peek of an amazing shoot for a li’l project the VHX team is working on. Follow us on instagram for more.

Big shout outs to Erica, PaulKK, and the whole cast for making this happen.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Check back in a couple weeks for the end result.


It should be easy to sell your work, anywhere on the web. Now you can embed VHX on any website and make purchasing your film (or any kind of video) easier than ever. 

Try it out on Indie Game: The Movie by clicking a Watch Now button. It’s a quick path to conversion that’s secure, easy, and looks all kinds of good.

Don’t have a VHX website? Sign up and start customizing one of our themes.
Already have a VHX website? Read more about embedding anywhere.

We’re quite proud of this little upgrade. Send us an email or tweet (@vhxtv) if you have questions or feedback.